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New treatment for young cerebral palsy patients using baby cord blood banking

by: Jackson Daren

The world is fully aware about the role played by the umbilical cord stem cells in treatment of various diseases. Recently Australian researchers came to know about one more revolutionary treatment ...read more

Cord blood bank America will now offer stem cell collection services

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It is true that Cord Blood America, Inc. is soon going to provide the umbilical cord blood banking facility and that too at a discounted rate for the members. It has been possible because of the ...read more

Cord Blood Banking For Lifelong Peace of Mind

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With the joyful news of an imminent new arrival to the world, happy parents to be face immediate considerations that require due diligence in relation to the future health and well being of their ...read more

Advantages of Blood Donation

by: Jennifer Stone

Blood donation is a very noble act and it is very beneficial for the recipient as it gives him a new lease of life. But there are also many donors who do not know that there are also advantages of ...read more