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Now feel secure with new storage place of umbilical cord blood donation

by: Jackson Daren

The scientists from all around the world today fully acknowledge the importance of umbilical cord. This is the reason that the cord that was earlier considered as waste and used to be discarded is ...read more

Sperm Banks, Donate Blood

by: Cashfordonating

Sperm Banks is the place where it stores sperm which was donated by the sperm donors. Sperm Banks primarily work for the purpose of achieving pregnancies through third party reproduction, notably by ...read more

Stories of Lives Saved by Cord Blood

by: Larry Mitchell

The advancements of medicine and technology are saving lives each year that would otherwise be lost to disease or medical disorder. Each year, more and more children are living through potentially ...read more

Collecting Stem Cells From Collected Umbilical Cord Blood

by: Adriana Noton

In the 1970s, researchers discovered that umbilical cord blood, could supply the exact same stem cells as a bone marrow transplant. For this reason, some parents are choosing to collect and bank ...read more