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Advantages of Blood Donation

by: Jennifer Stone

Blood donation is a very noble act and it is very beneficial for the recipient as it gives him a new lease of life. But there are also many donors who do not know that there are also advantages of ...read more

Donor Testing before Blood Donation

by: Ian Gould

Everyone who has donated blood once in their lifetime is aware about the procedure for blood donation. But there are many other facts related to it, which one may be unaware of. It is important to ...read more

Why Should I Make A Blood Donation At A Blood Bank?

by: Brian Milne

All blood donations are when a caring, healthy individual voluntarily has some of their precious blood drawn. Blood donation is a safe process, spread of infection to the donor is not possible. The ...read more

Blood Donation Common Concerns

by: Ian Gould

Blood donation, although a noble act, has many myths and concerns associated with it. Many people have the misconception that are disadvantages of donating blood and it is very important to clear and ...read more