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Blood Donation Common Concerns

by: Ian Gould

Blood donation, although a noble act, has many myths and concerns associated with it. Many people have the misconception that are disadvantages of donating blood and it is very important to clear and ...read more

Fighting for high need of cord blood donation and organ donors

by: Jackson Daren

Every single person carries something to save the life of at least one individual. According to health officials, an effective solution for millions of people suffering from severe diseases is ...read more

Cord Blood Donation: Your Baby's Cord Blood Can Save Lives

by: Alvin Toh

Umbilical cord blood contains blood-forming cells that can be used to treat life-threatening diseases and conditions. Expectant parents who do not want to store their baby's cord blood for private ...read more

Now feel secure with new storage place of umbilical cord blood donation

by: Jackson Daren

The scientists from all around the world today fully acknowledge the importance of umbilical cord. This is the reason that the cord that was earlier considered as waste and used to be discarded is ...read more